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Productivity and Skills Commission Annual Report

Warwick IER, working with Third Life Economics, has produced West Midland Combined Authority's Productivity and Skills Commission Annual Report. The Productivity and Skills Commission is an independent group which includes business leaders, trade unionists, providers and sector representatives. In its first year it has commissioned a number of studies into the drivers of productvity within the five Foundations: Business Environment, Infrastructure, Ideas/Innovation, People/Skills and Place/Inward Investment . In addition, a number of sector reports and skills action plans have also been developed into the WMCA's priority sectors: Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Business; Professional & Financial Services; Construction; Digital & Creative; Life Sciences and Healthcare; Energy & Environmental Technologies; and Logistics & Transport.

IER brought together the analytical strands and conclusions across these studies to produce cogent and coheret conclusions and actions to improve the productivity record of the West Midlands.

The full report and summary are now available. Links to report and summary.

Project Team:

Peter Dickinson (Principal Investigator)

Chris Warhurst

Project Duration:

February 2018 - June 2018

Project Funder:

West Midlands Combined Authority