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Developing a prototype careers LMI database

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This project was undertaken for UKCES to advise on the feasibility of developing a careers database of robust LMI, which can be opened up for multiple interfaces for a range of users. The immediate aim was to develop a prototype database of careers LMI that could be used to test the feasibility of development of the longer term aim of providing a single access point for multiple sources of LMI.

Objectives linked to the immediate aim were:

  • To work in partnership with experts in a range of careers LMI databases to explore the feasibility of linking these sources together in one portal;
  • To develop a technological prototype to support the linkage of these databases so that they can be automatically updated as the data sources are updated;
  • To advise on the feasibility of developing a single, comprehensive careers portal of accessible, robust LMI, which can be opened up for multiple interfaces for a range of users;
  • To consider how different career LMI databases could augment existing careers information by allowing individuals to access LMI directly in a way that supports them in their career and labour market transitions;
  • To set up a data exploration day that will rigorously test the prototype database, its data, its accessibility and overall robustness to enable the development of different types of interface for multiple users.


Bimrose, J., Wilson, R., Elias, P., Barnes, S-A., Millar, P., Attwell, G., Elferink, R., Rustemeier, P., Beaven, R., Hay, G. and Dickerson, A. (2012). ''LMI for All' Career Database Project - Processes Adapted and Lesson Learned. London: UK Commission for Employment and Skills. [Summary available to download]

UKCES project page on the LMI for All initiative.


Project Team:

Jenny Bimrose (Principal Investigator)
Rob Wilson 
Sally-Anne Barnes
Peter Elias

Technical team: 


Project Duration:

February - May 2012

Project Sponsor: