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Compilation of a repository of gender statistics for DTI's promoting SET for Women Unit

The Office of Science and Technology within the Department of Trade and Industry operated and maintained a website designed to promote science, engineering and technology (SET) occupations for women. The project aimed to up-date and reorder the existing statistical information on the SET website with new commentary. This information was supplemented with relevant statistics from the Labour Force Survey and the New Earnings Survey on gender composition of those in SET occupations and of those with SET qualifications detailing age, economic status and full-time/part-time status. Also, the trends in female and male qualifications and promotion in SET occupations in higher education, government and private sector businesses was presented and analysed. The Frascati classification system was adopted and utilised where possible. Some of the existing data on the website and the new statistical data was presented in a graphical form for easy analysis. Finally, additional sources of statistical data and publications were provided.


Project duration: 2002-2003

IER project team:

Peter Elias

Sally-Anne Barnes


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