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Quality standards for labour market information (LMI)

The Institute for Employment Research was commissioned to develop a framework of quality standards against which labour market information (LMI) used in guidance could be measured. Project objectives were to:

  • carry out desk research into existing frameworks and models of quality assurance methods and standards
  • identify and agree with key partners the principles that will ensure that LMI used in guidance can be the most effective tool to aid decision making in life and work choices
  • consult with key partners to develop a framework to quality assure the LMI provided by the Sector Skills Councils (SSCs)
  • pilot and agree the framework with SSCs and key partners

The protocols were produced to support SSCs in the provision of LMI to be used by practitioners in the IAG process, including a proforma to assist with the process of applying the protocols. The research found that IAG practitioners typically feel extremely pressurised, with limited time to understand complex information, so LMI needs to be presented as simply as possible.


Bimrose, J., Green, A., Barnes, S-A. & Marris, L. (2008) Protocols for the development of Labour Market Information produced for the Guidance Process by the Sector Skills Councils, Coventry: SSDA/Warwick Institute for Employment Research.

    Project duration: 2007-2008

    IER project team:

    Jenny Bimrose

    Sally-Anne Barnes

    Anne Green

    Lucy Marris