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5 country qualifications website development

CQual2Project developed work on a separate Qualifications Branch from an entry portal on Guidance, Learning, Careers and Qualifications website hosted by IER. The 'rough guide to qualifications' was repositioned so main entry point was from a portal (but clarified the support and ‘ownership’ of the five qualifications authorities, logos etc.).

An updated website on Comparing qualifications is avaialble. This site outlines the developments that are taking place in each of the five countries and places these in the broader context of what is happening with proposals for a European Qualifications Framework. The 'comparing qualifications' tool was designed to help people thinking of working or studying in Ireland or the UK (and tutors and careers advisers).

 Qualifications can cross boundaries – a rough guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland


Project duration: 2006

IER project team:

Sally-Anne Barnes

Alan Brown


Qualifications and Curriculum Authority