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Rebalancing the economy spatially and sectorally: an evidence review

The aim of this project was to review existing national and international evidence regarding the rationale for government intervention in the structure of the economy with the intention of building a strong a sustainable economy, balanced geographically and sectorally. The objectives of the project were to review the conceptual and empirical evidence for the rationale for government intervention in the industrial and spatial structure of the economy, drawing on evidence from the UK and abroad, and to assess the impact, effectiveness and relevance of previous policy interventions in rebalancing the economy both in the UK and abroad and to apply policy lessons from the evidence. The project was undertaken by a consortium led by SQW and including Cambridge Econometrics and CURDS, as well as IER.

Funder: SQW Ltd

Project duration: November 2010 - March 2011

Principal Investigator: Anne Green (Professorial Fellow)