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Regional labour market forecasting model

Increased demand for regional labour market information in the Czech Republic necessitates the development of regional labour market forecast models especially concerning skill needs projections. The output of the models can be used in various information products for study and career guidance as well as for policy makers and local employers.

Rob Wilson will contribute to this project, which is supported by the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic, by providing advice to the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs on the model design and interpretation of results.


The Czechs are building a computable general equilibrium type of model based around detailed data from the regions in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office.

The Czech regions so called „kraje“,are autonomous entities size from 800 to 1 500 thousand inhabitants. The Czech Statistical Office provides for useful data like GDP, GDP per capita, Gross Fixed Capital Formation (total and per capita), exports to the rest of the country, population, migration, consumption, wages, mainly as time series of annual data from 1995 The GDP data are available for detailed industries. In addition they have LFS data from 1995.

The work is being undertaken by the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs (RISLA). RISLA is a grant-aided organisation under the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The Institute's main role is applied research on labour and social affairs at regional, national and international levels, formulated in accordance with the current needs of the state administration, and in some cases the non-profit sector and private clients. The Institute also provides consultancy for the users of research results, and organises seminars and conferences. Research projects are prepared each year in collaboration with the Ministry and other interested parties, with regard to the continuity of science and research in the areas in question. The Institute's main research interests include

  • the labour market and employment
  • social dialogue and labour relations
  • social protection, the family
  • equal opportunities
  • incomes and wages
  • social policy theory

The RILSA Research Centre in Brno has been established in close co-operation with the Social Studies Faculty at Masaryk University, Brno. The Czech Information Centre for Social Protection (CICSP) is an integral part of the Institute. The website contains information on current and long-term projects, papers and data which can be downloaded and an online library catalogue.

For further details see:,%20Czech%20Republic



Project Duration:

September 2010 - December 2011


Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs

Principal Investigator:

Professor Rob Wilson