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Future of Social Security Grouping

The purpose of the Future of Social Security (FSS) grouping is:

  • to provide a forum for heads/senior leaders of key organisations and Experts by Experience, to consider shared positions on the future of social security.


The FSS is:

  • strategic and proactive (the already existing Social Security Consortium enables information sharing among policy officers and joint responses to calls from government);
  • underpinned by a theory of change that says one way change happens is when lots of different people start saying the same thing;
  • based on consensus building being central;
  • developing outcomes that accord with a definition of being no-one’s ideal but with which everyone can live; and,
  • its functioning is determined entirely by those who participate.


Initiatives to date have included: 

  • shared asks for the 2017 Budget;
  • a draft set of principles to underpin social security;
  • shared asks for the 2018 Budget;
  • shared calls to lift the benefits freeze, 2019


The development of the FSS: 

  • has been organic, growing out of conversations about whether there is potential for consensus on ways forward around social security and merit in developing shared proposals;
  • it is currently supported by Lloyds Bank Foundation and Trust for London, enabling the involvement of Experts by Experience and coordination/facilitation by Michael Orton of Warwick University (michael dot orton at warwick dot ac dot uk).

Project Team:

Michael Orton (Principal Investigator)

Project duration:


Project Funders:

Lloyds Bank Foundation - England & Wales