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Summary of Study

Edge Foundation and City & Guilds have commissioned the University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research to undertake a study to demonstrate the benefits young people obtain from completing a technical or vocational course at Level 3 in the post-16 system in England. More specifically the aims of the study are to:

  1. provide an indication of the benefits – defined with reference to earnings, employment, job satisfaction, and continuing participation in education and training – which young people, between 16 and 19 years of age, derive from studying towards a Level 3 technical or vocational qualification;
  2. gain an understanding of the factors associated with relatively successful outcomes; for example, how much is it related to the subject studied, or the type of course undertaken, the type of learning provider, the characteristics of the student, or employment conditions in the local labour market?;
  3. identify factors that might be contributing to successful outcomes (e.g. parental influence, work experience, support in making the transition into the labour market provided by institutions, etc.); and
  4. demonstrate how government policy on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) should be changed in order to improve the outcomes of students undertaking vocational studies in FE.

The study will be based on a longitudinal survey of young people in FE using a mix of self-completion, online, and telephone questionnaire surveys. Young people will be surveyed in the final year of their course or apprenticeship and then at various stages afterwards as they make their entry to the labour market and/or further learning. The study will be undertaken in three local labour market areas so as to control for local labour market conditions. It is also anticipated that interviews will also be undertaken with relevant staff in participating institutions in order to gain a fuller understanding of the factors which shape the provision of technical and vocational education and training.
Rather than survey all students across all courses in FE the intention is to concentrate on specific fields that are particularly attractive to young people and are related to specific jobs in the labour market. The study will provide a detailed assessment from the student and institution perspective about what works best in bringing about relatively successful transitions to the labour market.
All data collected in the study will be treated confidentially and the anonymity of all institutions and students participating in the study in any reporting is guaranteed. The intention is to keep all participants informed of progress on the study including interim findings.
This promises to be an important study for the FE sector. It is very much hoped that you will be able to participate in the study. If you require any further information then please to not hesitate to contact stefanie dot poole at warwick dot ac dot uk, Tel 02476524124.

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