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Diversity & inclusion in the UK creative industries

This project was concerned with identifying the extent to which organisations in the UK creative sector monitor the diversity of their workforces.

A report produced by the Creative Industries Council (CIC) in 2020 report notes the considerable variation in the scope and type of workforce diversity data available for the UK creative industries and the challenges for strategic action within and across the creative industries arising from these variations.

This project undertook a Compare & Contrast Analysis of key workforce diversity data available for the UK creative industries in order to identify:

  • the methods and scope of data collection and data processing (e.g. which diversity characteristics and industries are covered; one-off vs. recurring data collection; freelancers included yes/no etc.)


  • the usability of the data collected for creating a profile of employment in the sector (e.g. can they be combined with other sources; do they allow break-downs by job role or seniority; do they allow analysis beyond basic representation, for instance of pay or promotion; etc.)

Method: Desk research identifying and reviewing publicly available information about data sources within and outwith UK creative industries.

Output: an easy-access overview of key workforce diversity data sources with plain-language explanations of how data from each source can/can’t be used in industry practice and policy work.

This project was undertaken in collaboration with Professor Doris Eikhof and Kerry Norman from the School of Culture & Creative Arts at the University of Glasgow.

Project Team:

David Owen (Principal Investigator)

Project Duration:

March 2021 - October 2021

Funder: Creative Industries Council, via the