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Maximising productivity through managing new technology

Past experience shows that new technology often fails to deliver expected productivity gains because of poor implementation within firms. In particular, there can be a disconnect between the technical and social aspects within firms in that implementation. The aim of this project is to support West Midlands firms to maximise productivity gains from the new digital technologies by ensuring that, through education and training, managers have the knowledge and skills to implement this technology.

The study has three main stages:

- an evidence review to explore the relationship between new technology and productivity, and how management practices can maximise (or minimse) productivity gains;

- a review of management provision across the West Midlands to see if this includes training in the implementation of new technology;

- interviews with employers to get their perspectives and practices of effectively implementing new technology.

The project is being undertaken in partnership with West Midlands Combined Authority.

The project is funded by the Regional Productivity Forum’s Business Innovation Fund.

Project Team:

Peter Dickinson (Principal Investigator)

Dr Emily Erickson

Project Duration:

September 2022 - May 2023