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ESRC Covid Grants Projects

Covid-19 Grants

The ESRC funds a number of projects carrying out Covid-related research. ReWAGE hosted a workshop in January 2022 for all the projects to meet and update each other on progress. Each of the projects produced a short Policy Brief summarising their activity, which we have published on this page.

How ReWAGE is funded

Initial funding for ReWAGE was provided by Warwick and Leeds Universities. Core funding is provided by the Economic and Social Research Council, which is the major public funder of economic and social research in the UK.

ESRC Covid-19 projects Policy Briefs (published January 2022)

Post-pandemic remote working and the consequences for local labour markets 

The monetisation of livestreams of musical performances in the wake of Covid-19

Covid-19 and inequalities in working lives in the UK

Covid-19 and the early years childcare and education workforce in England and Wales
The impact of Covid-19 on recent graduates’ early career decisions and outcomes

Work After Lockdown - No Going Back

Migrant Essential Workers, Covid-19 health, financial, social and cultural impacts
Rapidly formed Covid-19 teams in the NHS: implications for leadership, team-working, career intentions and individual mental health
The role of Health and Safety Representatives in Covid-19