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Spotlight on Kevin Daniels - University of East Anglia

ReWAGE is fortunate in having some of the UK’s foremost thinkers on its Expert Group, drawn from leading universities and research organisations from across the UK. Between them they have a huge breadth of knowledge, covering such subjects as the labour market, job quality, employment relations and the changing nature of work.

Today we are turning the spotlight onto ReWAGE expert Kevin Daniels, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia.


Kevin joined Norwich Business School in 2012 as Professor of Organisational Behaviour. Prior to joining UEA, he was Professor of Organisational Psychology at Loughborough University (2003-2012), where he also served as Director of Research for Loughborough’s Business School (2004-2009).

He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Academy of Social Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. This year, he received a Humboldt Foundation Research Award in recognition of his research.

Kevin recently led a series of projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council focused on workplace policies to protect and improve wellbeing.

Area of expertise:

Kevin’s areas of expertise are employee wellbeing, workplace health, safety at work and organisational psychology. He is particularly interested in the causes and consequences of workplace wellbeing inequalities and developing policies, guidance and sustainable practices to promote wellbeing and safety in the workplace.

Why Kevin became a ReWAGE expert:

It is important for employment researchers to engage in whatever way possible with initiatives to make workplaces better. Perhaps the best tools we have as researchers are robust, evidenced-based arguments on what are the best actions to take. ReWAGE brings together experts from across a broad range of employment topics to provide a coherent group focused on providing policy makers and practitioners with those evidenced-based arguments. Moreover, I’m learning so much from the other experts – which is a joy.

What achievement makes Kevin most proud:

Being closely involved in growing a cluster of researchers in workplace health and wellbeing at UEA, and seeing the careers of those who’ve been involved in the group develop and flourish.

Current projects:

We’ve recently completed a large programme of work on how organisations introduce, sustain and develop activities to promote workplace health and wellbeing. We are also examining local initiatives to promote good quality work in tourism, hospitality and retail. I’m also working with a range of collaborators on the workplace factors that create wellbeing inequalities and the consequences of workplace wellbeing inequalities.

Other interests:

Gardening – I grow my own fruit and veg – and cooking. Birdwatching, which Norfolk is great for – recent sightings near my house include a lesser spotted woodpecker and a cuckoo is a regular visitor in the Spring. Playing electric guitar not nearly as well as I used to.

Recent publications

ReWAGE’s Expert Group is uniquely placed to offer the government informed practical advice and policy recommendations to support its strategic response to the recovery and renewal of work and employment in the UK as it tackles current challenges facing its productivity and prosperity.  

Tue 20 Jun 2023, 16:23