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Spotlight on: Professor Eleanor Shaw OBE (University of Strathclyde)

ReWAGE is fortunate in having some of the UK’s foremost thinkers on its Expert Group, drawn from leading universities and research organisations from across the UK. Between them they have a huge breadth of knowledge, covering such subjects as the labour market, job quality, employment relations and the changing nature of work. This week, we’re focusing on Professor Eleanor Shaw OBE who is our expert on entrepreneurship.


Professor Eleanor Shaw joined Strathclyde University in 2001 and is currently Associate Principal with responsibility for the University’s entrepreneurship strategy, 'Strathclyde Inspire'. She is also Director of Strathclyde Doctoral School.

Area of expertise:

Eleanor’s research is focused on the practice of entrepreneurial networking and the relationship between this and firm growth. She is particularly interested in entrepreneurial diversity – such as women’s entrepreneurship, graduate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship.

Why Eleanor became a ReWAGE expert:

Eleanor was keen to join the ReWAGE Expert Group as she is passionate about the positive impact which entrepreneurial thinking and actions can have on the UK’s recovery from the impact of Covid-19. She believes that as we enter our ‘next’ normal, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking will be critical to informing the government about practical advice and policy recommendations best suited to creating a fairer, more inclusive environment which is committed to delivery on the targets set for a net-zero future.

Recent achievements:

Eleanor was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to entrepreneurship and education in the 2022 New Year’s Honours List.

What makes Eleanor feel most proud?

I have been fortunate, throughout my career, to work with many interesting, informed and entrepreneurial colleagues. I have learnt a lot from them, and I am proud of all we have collectively achieved to help provide greater insight and understanding into the many diverse experiences of entrepreneurship that are present across the UK. I am proud that we have challenged perceptions of what it means to be an entrepreneur and that we have developed an understanding of the impact which an open, entrepreneurial mindset can have on tackling some of the greatest challenges we face.

Recent publications:

· Trailing wives and constrained agency among women migrant entrepreneurs : an intersectional perspective

Other interests:

Eleanor sits on the Council of the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABs), the Small Business Charter (SBC) Management Board, the People, Talent and Leadership Committee, ScaleUp Institute and is a trustee of the Beatson Cancer Charity.

ReWAGE’s Expert Group is uniquely placed to offer the government informed practical advice and policy recommendations to support its strategic response to the recovery and renewal of work and employment in the UK as it tackles the impact of Covid-19.

Mon 25 Apr 2022, 15:41