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abrdn Financial Fairness Trust sponsorship bid success

ReWAGE has been successful in attaining sponsorship from abrdn Financial Fairness Trust (formerly the Standard Life Foundation) for three new evidence papers.

The three papers will be focused on work, wages and employment in the hospitality industry, the social care industry and the gig economy respectively, and are scheduled for delivery in 2022. Sub-groups will be formed in the new year to produce the papers.

The newly-rebranded Trust will continue to fund research, campaigning and policy work, collaborating with partners to make the UK financially fairer for people on low-to-middle incomes. This includes a wide range of work on issues such as pay, borrowing, pensions, social security, taxation, savings and spending.

The Trust recently supported Gingerbread's research to understand the impact of job-loss on single parents and ways to help them back into sustainable employment, and the Institute for Fiscal Studies' research and policy work on reforming pensions taxation.