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Human Health

We carry out research across the University designed to improve our understanding of disease and illness, to find cures, to analyse the provision of healthcare services and to study the history of medicine. Working in interdisciplinary teams, frequently spanning faculties, our experts carry out both theoretical and applied research which directly benefits society.

Warwick Medical School

Our strategic research themes are underpinned by multi-disciplinary, low-boundary and inter-related Research Networks and we have extensive collaborative links with the Department of Biological Sciences at Warwick and with other universities in the UK, Europe and North America. Our priority areas of research are: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease; Reproductive Medicine; Primary Care and Health Services Research.

Modelling Disease and Medicines

Our scientists work on a wide range of theoretical and applied research in the modelling and simulation of disease and medicines. Work focuses on mathematical models designed to improve understanding of disease processes and treatment and includes the development of statistical models analysing the effectiveness of clinical trials. Researchers are also active in mathematical biology and the control, identification, modelling and simulation of biomedical and biological systems.

Systems Biology

We have created a new centre in the scientifically exciting and strategically important area of Systems Biology. This will build on the University’s current strengths in the area and involves a substantial investment that includes 12 new posts, a number of secondments, sizeable infrastructure and dedicated accommodation.

Health and Wellbeing

Our research is based around the work of the School of Health and Social Studies, which carries out highly successful health and social work research. There is also a significant body of research carried out in the Sociology Department, where work on the sociological aspects of health includes a series of projects based in Coventry.

History of Medicine

Under the general theme of ‘Cultures and Practices of Health’, our interests lie in the experience and representation of health and illness, as well as related themes such as gender, sexuality, reproduction, food and nutrition; social management and construction of illness; medical ritual and ceremonial; verbal and behavioural expression of suffering and distress; and interactions of practitioners with sufferers, kin and community.