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Scientific impact at Warwick

Impact through investigation

We create the future with cutting-edge research, new thinking, and innovative technologies.

Our departments and research centres guide the engineers, doctors, and inventors of tomorrow. We are dedicated to unearthing new discoveries that have a real impact on the way we live. At the subatomic scale or in the distant corners of the universe, our research is always looking deeper. From big data to medicine and astrophysics, Warwick is breaking new ground and reshaping our shared future.

Find out more about how Warwick is making a difference with these case studies.

Maximising the Value of Witness Evidence

Confronting the unreliability of the human memory

Developing Drug Dosage Delivery

The next generation of medical skin patches

The Lifelong Effects of Premature Birth

Changing policy worldwide to support the development of preterm babies

Improving Road Safety Education and Driver Training

Raising awareness of the need to pay attention on the road

Youth Mental Health Policy

Reforming services on the regional, national and international scale

Changing the Lanscape of Drug Delivery

Enabling the pharmaceutical industry to deliver better quality medicines

Responsive Modelling of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Providing insights to influence pandemic policy

Next Generation Biosensors

Building a platform for emergency stroke diagnosis

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014, we strengthened our position as one of the UK’s ten best research universities. Our intensity also achieved a top ten ranking, showing the strength of our exceptional research community.