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History at Warwick

History at Warwick

Studying past times for insight into today

At Warwick, History is a powerful tool for radical change and transformation. We're proud to be a department that looks outward, considering our work's relevance to modern societies, people and culture. Our exceptional academics are renowned inside and outside of academia. With a reputation for innovation, breaking with tradition, and creativity, our research has a profound impact.

See any of these case studies for more details on how History at Warwick is changing our world.

What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice

The War of the Locust

How forgotten archives are revolutionising our understanding of this pest

Madness and Migration

Mental health care and the treatment of Irish migrants in Victorian Lancashire

Gender and Political Culture in Britain

Female political activism during the 19th century

The People’s History of the NHS

Archiving a British institution

DIVA Diamond Exhibition

Telling the whole story of gems and jewels in early modern Europe

Black History Beyond Slavery

People of African descent in the British Army, 1795-1914

Standards in Public Life

Connecting history and policy

History, Theatre and Mental Health in Prison

Prisoners' wellbeing and medical care