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Impact in Economics

Economics at Warwick

Predicting the future, calculating the cost

As economies the world over become ever more complex, we rise to the challenge. From education and employment to trade and financial markets, at Warwick we use the data of the past and the present to provide insight into the challenges faced today. Governments, policymakers, and NGOs across the globe rely on our research. The predictions we make can help to shape the course of societies, and have the potential to enrich millions.

Choose a case study and learn more about the impact of our work.

What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice

Widening Access to Higher Education

Calculating the cost of student debt and examining admissions policies

Well-Being and Public Policy

Analysing the effects of government policy on our well-being

Reforming Event Ticketing

Implementing rules to take on ticket touts and change industry practice

The Costs of Childbearing

Maternity leave policies in the higher education sector

Tackling Tax Evasion

Increasing tax revenue without raising taxes

A Gentle Push in the Right Direction

Using nudge theory to improve tax compliance in Belgium