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Our impact in Law

Law at Warwick

Clarifying, codifying and contextualising the rules that govern societies

At Warwick we commit to examining law in its political, social and economic context. From daily practice to the latest theories, our research affects law across whole continents. Its diversity reflects the wide range of organisations and groups who rely upon it. Courts, tribunals, trade unions, teachers, governments, banks, authors: for all of these and more, our research makes an impact.

See how we're making a difference...

What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice

Hope for Healthier Homes

Putting health outcomes at the heart of housing policy

Sustainable Development and Workers' Welfare

Reforming trade policy in the EU and the UK

Supporting Gender Sensitive Higher Education Access and Choice in India

Addressing persistent gender inequalities in higher education