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Politics and International Studies

Politics and International Studies at Warwick

Changing the change-makers' minds and helping the decision-makers decide

Making a difference is in our DNA. We shape the agenda of UK and overseas governments alike. Our research is influencing international policy communities, organisations and NGOs around the world. By engaging with our global audience, our research enhances international media and public debate. From individual states to worldwide systems, we put our ideas into practice.

Select one of our case studies from the grid and see how PAIS at Warwick is changing our world.

What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice

From A Closed Past to An Open Future

Strengthening Formal and Informal Oversight of Secret Intelligence

China Risen?

Embedding New Ideas about Chinese Power into UK Government and Finance

Command, Leadership and Urban Operations

Refining the Professionalism and Performance of the British Army, Royal Marines and NATO

Democratising Trade Policy

Giving UK and EU Policymakers the Tools to Tackle Contentious Trade Politics

Amplifying Migratory Voices

Improving Public Understanding of Europe's Migration Crisis

Ethical Law Enforcement

Enhancing Understanding of the Ethical Implications of Covert Security

Safeguarding Kenyan Elections

Diagnosing and Defeating Democratic Deficit in African Democracies