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Sociology at Warwick

Sociology at Warwick

Capturing the rich variety and complexity of human social life

Our research influences many realms of life: from the work of civil society organisations, to practices of public policy, to everyday interactions, and from local to international levels. Our researchers engage with publics in a range of ways: from shaping research design through ongoing conversations with those affected by the issues we research, to working with policy makers to shape their practice, to sharing our developing ideas and findings with online communities, to face-to-face public seminars.

See how we're making a difference...

What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice

Challenging the Hostile Environment

Examining the debate around immigration and refugees in the UK

Preventing Violence against Women and Girls

Changing laws and policies to address Violence Against Women and Girls.

Under Representation in Institutions

Enabling women from Muslim and minoritised communities to access levers of political change

Changing Policy and Practices on Gender and Education in Portugal

Promoting education on gender inequalities in Portuguese schools and universities