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Our Impact at Warwick Business School

Our impact at Warwick Business School

Enhancing the future of business and supporting positive change

Warwick Business School’s research strategy is informed by the University of Warwick’s pursuit of Excellence with Purpose, and its institutional research mission to be internationally leading, impactful and provocative. We engage in transformative and interdisciplinary research to address present and future global challenges, and supporting positive change in the world.

Our disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, often conducted in partnership with user organisations and policy agencies, has provided transformative solutions to challenges faced by communities and organisations across the globe. In doing so, our research has enhanced the competitiveness of the UK economy and private-sector organisations, whilst adopting a wider social mission to support government policy and public agencies to improve service delivery and address societal inequalities.

Here we showcase how our research has derived significant benefit for organisations and other stakeholders across a variety of sectors in the region, nationally and internationally.

What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice

Gas by Design

Shaping policy on UK energy security challenges

Fighting Exclusion in the Workplace

Reducing the disability employment gap in Britain

Stimulating Growth in the West Midlands

Maximising the benefits of inward investment

Putting Evidence Into Practice

Scaling up healthcare innovation across the globe

Behaviour in Business and Society

Enhancing the public understanding of Behavioural Science

Management: The Final Frontier

Supporting NASA’s strategy for maintaining leadership in space

Implementing Best Practice

Changing health professional regulation

Partnering With Policymakers

Strengthening SME policy to address growth and productivity

Shaping Labour Policies in Sri Lanka

Advancing professional women’s careers in Sri Lanka

The Knowledge and Innovation Network

Improving the capabilities of UK organisations

Preventing Hospital Falls Saves Lives

Improving patient safety to save lives

Transforming Cultural Policy and Funding

The importance of diversity and participation