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More posters will be shared as they become available.

"Advocating the best Open Research (Data) practices to PhD students"Link opens in a new window
Dr Ishwar Kapoor, University of Warwick

"Creating Equitea, a monthly forum to discuss topics related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) in Astronomy, Physics, and STEM"Link opens in a new window
Astronomy and Astrophysics group, University of Warwick

"The Burden of Research in Architecture"Link opens in a new window
Fiona Evangeline, CitiStrata Research Foundation and Esther Clifford, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

"Flourish at Durham"Link opens in a new window
Dr Ladan Cockshut, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Durham University Research Staff Association
Dr Beth Upex, Senior Technical Manager and Chair of the Durham University Technical Managers Network
Mr Andrew Moss, Research Culture Manager, Durham University

"Uncovering the feedback deadlock that prevents productive career conversations between postdocs and PIs"Link opens in a new window
Becky Ioppolo, Mollie Etheridge, Lara Abel, Katherine Dawson, Jessica Hampton, Zoe Matthews, Kate Murray, Sylvia Osborn, Noam Tal-Perry, Steven Wooding, Liz Simmonds, University of Cambridge

"Perceptions of Collegiality and Competition as Part of Research Culture"Link opens in a new window
Dr. Anne-Marie Craig, Professor Julie Harris, Professor Ruth Woodfield, University of St Andrews