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About the Day

Coventry Live Event

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Jackie Hodgson introducing the event

On Friday 3rd February 2023, researchers from Warwick and Coventry universities came together with regional partners to celebrate what we achieved together through Coventry UK City of Culture.

The event started with registration and refreshments, with pop-up exhibitions showcasing our projects in:

  • Emerging from lockdown
  • Resonate Exhibition
  • Coventry Creates

Jackie Hodgson (University of Warwick, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research) welcomed delegates to the event.

Session 1: Artists as researchers and researchers as artists

CHAIR: Jackie Hodgson (University of Warwick)


Verity Pabla (I’m Not a Machine Music, Music Producer)

Reem Doukmak (University of Warwick, Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies)

Edmund Collier(China Plate Theatre, Co-Artistic Director)

Peta Murphy (Coventry University, Associate Head of School, Enterprise & Innovation)

This session included a poetry performance by Siana Bangura (Coventry Creates and Resonate Festival artist)

"City of Culture has changed the way that universities work."

- Jackie Hodgson (UoW), Panel 1

"The arts engage emotionally, partnerships with academics can back-up stories with data and models like appreciative inquiry."

- Ed Collier (China Plate Theatre), Panel 1

"We need to listen, to ignite conversations between academics and local communities."

- Peta Murphy (CU) Panel 1

Session 2: Surfacing seldom heard and seldom seen communities

CHAIR: Nor Aziz (Trustee Culture Coventry Trust and University of Warwick, Warwick Institute of

Engagement Regional Fellow)


Shahnaz Akhter (University of Warwick, Widening Participation Officer)

Nadine Holdsworth (University of Warwick, Theatre & Performance Studies)

Rosa Cisneros (Coventry University, Centre for Dance Research)

This session including a film clip screening by Rosa Cisneros and a performance by John Bernard.

"Greater collaboration challenges perceptions and can lead to rethinking policy."

- Nadine Holdsworth (UoW), Panel 2

"Co-creation is how we create space for different voices to come through equally."

- Rosa Cisneros (CU), Panel 2

Arts projects can give people a sense of belonging; it is not just a piece of work, as there are greater roles."

- Georgina Egan (Ego Performance), Panel 2 Respondent

"Art provides a shared language. It is a great leveller as voices that need to be heard, can be heard."

- Matt Peacock (Arts Homelessness International, Panel 2 respondent

Session 3: Independent researchers and evaluation

CHAIR: Neil Forbes (Director of the Institute for Creative Cultures, Coventry University)


Jackie Hodgson & Rachel Lewis (University of Warwick, COPR, School of Law) Policing, Culture and Community

Vishalakshi Roy (University of Warwick, Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies) Civic, Cultural and Business Partnerships

Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor(Coventry University, Centre for Trust, Peace & Social Relations) Faith and Culture

Jennifer Ferreira (Coventry University, Centre for Business in Society) Impact on the Environment

Oyinlola Oyebode (Queen Mary University London, formerly University of Warwick, Medical School) Civic Pride, Health, and Wellbeing

This session including a film clip screening by Vishalakshi Roy.

"Arts and culture provide innovative ways of connection, helping the police to see communities differently and for them to see the police as more human."

- Rachel Lewis (UoW), Panel 3

"The City of Culture title had an impact on each organisation studied, but the scale and scope differed greatly."

- Vishalakshi Roy (UoW), Panel 3

"Faith (both religious and non-religious) is a conduit for citizenship, it brings people together and builds bridges to help them stay together."

- Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor (CU), Panel 3

"Engagement isn’t cheap, but the case needs to be made for investment."

- Valerie De Souza (Coventry City Council, Panel 3 respondent

Between sustainable economic development, and community and social fabric lies lived/felt experience. How do people feel about a place? What is their relationship with it? Can felt ownership influence place-based policies?

- Rebecca Madgin (Arts and Humanities Research Council, Programme Director for Place), Keynote Speaker

Session 4: Culture, Communities and Sustainability

CHAIR: Josie Bamford (Coventry City of Culture Trust, Commissioning Director)


Bret Wilers (Coventry City Council, Head of Sustainability & Climate Change)

Jackie Hodgson (University of Warwick, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research)

Lory Barile (University of Warwick, Economics)

Helen Cuthill (Coventry University, Associate Dean, Enterprise and Innovation)

Helen Duffy (Arts & Humanities Research Council, Senior Evidence Manager)