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Warwick Tate in Coventry

warwick tate shop front

Warwick Tate Exchange in Coventry

Shop Front Theatre, November 2018

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Is the truth simple? Do we agree what is just? Can more than one history exist?

In November 2018, installations from academics and artists involved in Warwick Tate Exchange 2018 were displayed again for a special one-off event in Coventry city centre. Members of the public were invited to drop in to consider questions about ' The Production of Truth, Justice and History' and to explore how truth, justice and history are produced and change over time and place.

Visitors experienced different ways of understanding truth, justice and history through film, sound, textiles, board games, photography and animation. They were invited to listen to a recording of a satirist's trial, watch an animation of indigenous Indian folk tales, play Probationary, a board game based on the real life experiences of people on probation, and had the chance to respond to the questions raised through embrodiery.


Part of Coventry Peace Festival