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Here all week


Throughout the week of Warwick Tate Exchange (12-17 June) visual art, screenings and audio booths around the theme of The Production of Truth, Justice and Histories will be open to everyone in the Tate Exchange space on the 5th floor of the Blavatnik Building. Drop in any time between 12.00pm and 6.00pm to have a look at the displays curated by projects taking part in the week.

  • Mnemosyne's Karkhane: Watch and speak to Kashmiri artist and academic Uzma Falak and academic Goldie Osuri (Indian-Australian) in Mnemosyne's Karhkane - a multi-sensory space where they work with the threads of memory and freedom. This will be taking place at different times in the week, the times will be available on our programme page soon.
  • Past Time: A photography display of a drama, history and food project working with Rideout at HMP Hewell
  • Lock Her Up: An audio installation created by Fuel and produced by Gareth Fry responding to archival material relating to women’s experience in prison.
  • Screenings of short films about Kashmir
  • A display about Probationary: The Game of Life on License, a board game exploring experiences of being on probation produced by artist Hwa Young Jung. 
  • Audio booth polling station: Listen to audio re-enactments from the 1817 trial of satirist William Hone, accused of blasphemous libel. You’re invited to be the jury and decide the verdict.
  • Screenings of The Tales of the Tribes, a series of five short animated films that are adaptations of indigenous folktales from India made in collaboration with indigenous artists.
  • Gond Art: Award-winning contemporary Gond artists Venkat Raman Singh Shyam and Rajendra Shyam will be present to talk to visitors about the paintings on display as well as their own artistic practices.
  • Pop-up Bana musical performances: The bana is the traditional music instrument of the Pardhan Gond tribe from central India. Musician Narayan Deen will present short musical pieces.