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Co/producing Feminist Knowledge: a Critical Exchange

coproducing feminist knowledge

Image Credt: George Blower

Professor Akwugo Emejulu, Professor of Sociology, collaborated with Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan of Panel, an independent curatorial practice, to convene a panel of speakers to discuss the co-production of feminist knowledge.

I want to hear what these women have to say, I want my knowledge to be in conversation with theirs. We can’t just lose our voices.

Ifeanyi Awachi (panellist)

The panel discussion took conflicts between feminists as a starting point to explore how feminist activists, artists, and academics might come together to collectively produce feminist knowledge and protest.

Ifeanyi Awachie (Writer, Arts Curator, and Assistant Curator at the Institute for Contemporary Art); Ruth Ewan (Artist); and Adele Patrick (Lifelong Learning and Creative Development Manager, Glasgow Women’s Library) spoke about their individual practice which incorporates memory and the unarchived; other understandings of knowledge; embodied archives, oral networks and lived ways of knowing.

The panel explored the questions: whose feminist knowledge counts? Who can speak for whom? How might feminist activists and artists build solidarity despite the very real conflicts between them?

Listen to the talk here, and visit the podcast page for all recordings from Warwick Tate Exchange: