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GRP-Funded Research Details Child Engagement with Environmental Literature

In 2022, Anna Donnelly (Centre for Teacher Education), approached the GRP for financial support to begin a small-scale pilot study on children and environmental literature. The initial findings are that children were highly engaged with the texts used, and the study itself offered valuable insight into the pre-existing environmental knowledge of children. Those who took part demonstrated an understanding of the importance of the environment and the environmental or moral messages contained within stories they read.

The findings at this stage illustrate the need for further research into this topic to further understand the child's relationship to environment and environmental change. The study also highlighted the vital role of Early years and primary school teachers as facilitators to ensure the scientific, moral and philosophical nuances of the environmental challenge we face are communicated to children and young people. Environmental fiction could be the key to making connections between the curriculum, real-world debates, and climate action.

You can find out more about the research and its findings here.

Thu 20 Jul 2023, 11:02 | Tags: funding, GRPNews