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Advanced Mass Spectrometry

Advanced Mass Spectrometry

About us

The Advanced Mass Spectrometry (AMS) RTP specialised in high resolution, high mass accuracy, and advanced tandem mass spectrometry, primarily using Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FTICR) mass spectrometry.

Our goal is to complement traditional mass spectrometry approaches; if other mass spectrometry approaches won’t work, then come talk to us and we’ll likely find a way.

Instrument Access

Internal Users

The Advanced Mass Spectrometry RTP is accessible to any researcher at Warwick, please fill out the sample submission form or email to start an informal discussion.

External Users

The Advanced Mass Spectrometry RTP welcomes external users from both industry and external academic institutes. Please contact us for discussion on how we can help with your analytical requirements. Please email .

Contact Us

Ion Cyclotron Resonance Laboratory

Millburn House,

Millburn Hill Road,

Coventry CV4 7HS


Tel: 024 7615 0439


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