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Sustainable Coventry and Warwickshire Videos - Afternoon Sessions


Future Health of the Region's Population & its Natural Environment

Professor Paramjit Gill (Warwick Medical School)

Professor Rosemary Collier (School of Life Sciences)

Professor Eric Holub (School of Life Sciences)

Professor Thijs van Rens (Economics)

Katherine Mayfield (Sustainability Champion, Estates)

Driving to Sustainability

Martin Dowson (Chief Engineer, Head of Battery Systems Engineering and Research, WMG)

Professor Paul Jennings (WMG)

Professor Kerry Kirwan (WMG)

Professor Carsten Maple (WMG)

Professor Noortje Marres (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies)

Changing Behaviours for a More Sustainable Society

Dr Lukasz Walasek (Psychology)

Dr Friederike Schlaghecken (Psychology)

Professor Thomas Hills (Psychology)

Towards A More Sustainable & Resilient City

Dr David Armstrong (Physics)

Professor Jon Coaffee (Politics and International Studies)

Dr Vangelis Pitidis (Politics and International Studies)

Professor Theo Damoulas (Computer Science)