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Sustainable Coventry and Warwickshire Symposium

This event focuses on applying the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to environmental, social and cultural challenges and opportunities in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Scheduled for 11 October 2021, the Symposium will help catalyse the development of transformational programmes and knowledge exchange projects. Find out more...



Coventry Culture Shift Programme

The programme aims to re-think urban environments and how they serve contemporary expectations for work, leisure and use of local public spaces.

The programme identifies, explores and tests pressing and critical issues through academic research, international case studies, online debate and artists’ residencies in the city. Find out more...



The Way to Sustainable

Building on our existing research and education programmes, we’re focusing on The Way to Sustainable – the real-life implications of creating a sustainable future and the challenges of getting there. Through our research, we’re helping support fairer food systems, sustainable agriculture and enhanced crop yields, whilst addressing challenges of mobility, working practices, sustainable transport and automotive innovation. Find out more...