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Videos from the morning
  • Introductions

  • Work & Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic

  • World Towards a Sustainable Energy Future: Local Solutions


Videos from the afternoon
  • Future Health of the Region's Population & its Natural Environment

  • Driving to Sustainability

  • Changing Behaviours for a More Sustainable Society

  • Towards a More Sustainable & Resilient City


Student Sustainability Showcase

Warwick Enterprise and the Innovation Group share how our innovative students and graduates are advocating sustainability by taking practical action in a variety of ways.


Watch videos from our researchers below


Meet our researchers: Andrew Anzel

Dr Andrew Anzel, Warwick Business School, talks about his research into the importance and social impact of arts and culture.

Dr Anzel and his collaborators at WBS work with the local authority and Coventry University to understand the impact the UK City of Culture project has had on the city of Coventry. Their work hopes to influence the future of cultural policymaking across the country.


Meet our researchers: Helen Wheatley

Professor Helen Wheatley, School of Creative Arts, Performance and Visual Cultures, Centre for Television Histories, talks about her research into television history.

Her Ghost Town project takes programmes made in and about Coventry out of TV archives and explores how they captured the life of the city.


Meet our researchers: John Walsh

Professor Walsh, from the School of Life Sciences talks about his research into how viruses interact with agricultural crop plants, and how to improve vegetable crops’ resistance to viruses without using pesticides.

His food and agricultural research has helped to improve natural resistance to the viruses that infect plants, reduce the use of pesticides and improve health and welfare.


Meet our Researchers: Kerry Kirwan

WMG’s Professor Kirwan talks about how his innovative research into sustainable materials can help turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

Using waste materials, the team at WMG has created real-world products – and even built their own racing car!

His research blends disciplines including engineering, chemistry and physics to develop new ways to recycle waste carbon fibre.


Meet our researchers: Khursheed Wadia

Sociology's Professor Khursheed Wadia conducts research that supports and encourage more political participation and civic engagement from women from minority backgrounds.

She talks about helping marginalised women to integrate with society, breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for learning and engagement with social and political institutions.


Meet our Researchers: Olga Castro

Dr Olga Castro (School of Modern Languages) talks about her work in feminist translation studies.

Dr Castro’s research explores the role translation has in the global feminist movement, impacting feminist alliances across the world, women writers in translation, translation in minority and non-hegemonic cultures and the role of translation in an increasingly transnational world.


Meet our researchers: Quassim Cassam

Professor Cassam, from the Department of Philosophy, talks about his research into extremism.

His research takes a philosophical approach to better understand major world issues, exploring what extremism means to individuals and groups, and aims to answer important philosophical questions to benefit both the private intelligence industry and counter-terrorism practitioners.


Meet our researchers: Siobhan Quenby

Professor Quenby, from Warwick Medical School, talks about her medical research into miscarriage causes, support and treatments. Her research is funded by Tommy’s Baby Loss Charity and she works closely with University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire and the Department of Maths at the University of Warwick.