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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, which are not covered below, please contact the Graduate School:

Who are the surveys for?

PRES is for any PGR student at researching at the University of Warwick, including students who've recently submitted their thesis. PTES is for all postgraduate taught students whose studies are based at the University of Warwick (those taking a Warwick accredited course at an institution in another country, e.g. Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia etc. are not eligible to be surveyed). The survey is open to both full time and part time students.

I am a distance learner, can I take the survey?

Yes, we are particularly interested to hear the experiences of distance learning students and value your contribution to the survey.

How do I access the survey?

On the launch date of both surveys, and subsquent weeks afterwards, you will be sent emails from the Graduate School with your personalised link. The only way you can access the survey is via this URL. You do not need a username or password.

I have not received my email. What do I do?

You can get your URL by signing into PTES page.

If you are still unable to get your link to the survey please contact us here.

How do I get my personalised link?

You must be signed in to get your personalised link. Do this at the top of the page as shown in the image below:

Personalised link

How long is the survey?

The survey takes on average 15 minutes to complete.

Can I save my progress in the survey and finish it at a later date?

Yes. There is an option on each page of the survey to save your progress. When you do this you will be issued with a new URL - please ensure you save this because the Graduate School cannot reissue this to you.

Is the survey compulsory?

No, the survey is entirely optional. If you do not wish to receive any correspondance about the survey please contact us here and we will remove you from the mailing list.

What is done with the results?

The results are used both departmentally and institutionally, to identify areas for celebration and where more work needs to be done to improve the student experience. They allow us to benchmark ourselves against the Sector and other Russell Group Universities to see how we compare for student experience.

Will these surveys be used to inform the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)?

No, these surveys are not associated with TEF.

Do the results from these surveys feed into league tables?

No, the results are for the University to better understand the postgraduate student experience and are not shared nationally.

PTES - I am only in the planning stages of my dissertation. How can I answer the dissertation question?

If are only in the early stages of your dissertation or major project, please answer based on your experiences up to this point. Think about the availability of resources, workshops and support provided by your department, and work done with your dissertation surpervisor.

If you are not completing a dissertation or major project this year e.g. you are part time or on a PG Diploma course, you can opt not to complete the question.

Postgraduates: Have Your Say


The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey and Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey is your chance to tell us what you think of your experience at Warwick.

PRES is conducted every other year.

PTES is conducted every year.

Find out more about improvements that have been made to the postgraduate experience at Warwick.

Questions? Contact us here.