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Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)

Thank you for your participation in PTES 2018!


Nearly 3000 of you participated in this year's PTES, the highest number ever achieved by the University, and a response rate of 39% (the average national response rate was 29%).

Overall Satisfaction

84% of all students agreed that they were satisfied with the quality of their course. This places Warwick in the top quartile within the Russell Group. Part-time students’ satisfaction was at a high 93% compared to 81% for their full-time counterparts. Male students reported the same level of satisfaction as females.


Warwick was ranked in the highest quarter sector-wide, with 83% saying they have not considered leaving their course.

Out of the eight themes of the survey, Warwick was placed in the top quartile nationally for three (Engagement, Dissertation, Organisation), in the upper quartile for four (Teaching, Resources, Skills development, Information) and in the lower quartile for one (Assessment).

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What next?

We will work with the student body over the coming weeks and months to analyse the data and undertake action planning for further improvement of the postgraduate student experience. Thanks to your feedback we have been able to make a number of enhancements and will keep you updated as we continue to do so.

On Track

 On Track

Stay On Track with the PG Community Engagement team.

This programme of workshops is designed to help you manage your work/life balance, support your academic development and provide practical advice.

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