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Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)

About the survey

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey or PTES is a national survey of postgraduate taught students inviting them to comment on their experience. PTES is for any PGT student at the University of Warwick. The survey is open to both full time and part time students. Thanks to your feedback we have been able to make a number of enhancements and will keep you updated as we continue to do so.

What happens to the results?

We are encouraged by the fact that we have improved in all areas of the survey compared to 2018. You can access the results through the Educational Analytics Dashboards. The results are used both departmentally and institutionally, to identify areas for celebration and where more work needs to be done to improve the student experience. They allow us to benchmark ourselves against the Sector and other Russell Group Universities to see how we compare for student experience. This survey is not associated with Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and does not feed into league tables.

Following the release of the results, departments will participate in an action planning activity alongside their students, enabling them to contribute to the continuous enhancement of the PGT experience at Warwick using all forms of student feedback.

hea_surveys_logos_ptes_-_colour...pngYou can find out more about the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) at Advance HE.