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Convention de Stage / Convenio de Colaboración

Students undertaking work placements in France will probably be asked for a 'Convention de Stage'. Similarly, students undertaking a work placement in Spain may require a 'Convenio de Colaboración'. In other countries you will need to utilise the Tripartite Agreement. All of these are a three-way agreement between the student, the University and the host company.

Students undertaking placements are respectfully asked to only use the templates below and not to sign a document provided by the placement provider themselves. The University of Warwick is unable to sign any document other than the approved templates below.

This procedure is in place to protect you and the University from any adverse liabilities and to ensure neither it (nor you) will be disadvantaged in any way.

For any placement occurring wholly or partially during term-time, agreements will only be signed if the placement has been approved by the student’s department.

To avoid delays you must follow the following procedure:

  • ensure that you fully complete and sign the document/s, (including the 'objectives' section in both the host language and English for the Convention and the Convenio). The University will not sign agreements unless they have been completed and signed by the employer and student first.
  • When the agreement has been completed correctly, submit your documents to convention at warwick dot ac dot uk. You should use this email address only. DO NOT email the Head of Student Records, as you will not receive a reply and your query will remain unanswered.
  • Risk Assessment Form:

    It is a requirement that all students requesting an internship agreement must also provide a Risk Assessment Form (completed and signed by the student) when submitting their agreement for signature. No agreement will be signed without an accompanying Risk Assessment Form.

    The blank form is available here:

    Any queries about the content of the Risk Assessment Form should be directed to the Student Mobility team:

  • The relevant signature will be sought on behalf of the University and your agreement will then be returned to you, or to the placement provider. The normal processing time for a standard agreement is 10 working days from receipt of the correctly completed documents. (However, this may take longer during busy periods e.g. June/July, and when demand is high.)

If the student wishes to extend the duration of the placement and one of the above agreements has already been obtained (and no other terms of the previous agreement are changed), then an extension document should be signed by all parties setting out the new end of placement date.

These agreements are for current, fully enrolled students only.


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