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Adaora Ubosi's TeamWork experience

Adaora Ubosi

Adaora Ubosi, UG, Economics, Psychology and Philosophy

What did you learn from your TeamWork experience?

As well as being reminded about the importance of teamwork and cooperation, I also learned a great deal about the healthcare industry- the sector on which our project was based. I am grateful for this experience because it taught me a lot about some extremely important issues facing the healthcare industry that I may not otherwise have known about. It definitely widened my perspective and acted as a motivator to continue accumulating knowledge on different parts of the world.

What was the highlight of your TeamWork journey?

Although every part of the experience was incredible, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to build good working relationships with my fellow teammates and our organisation mentors. This helped me continue to grow my network and also learn more about the cultures of my teammates- including Dubai, France and Poland. Our organisation mentor also happened to be a very well-travelled person, so it was so great to hear about all of his experiences

What would you say to other students about the benefits of the TeamWork programme?

Where to begin? I’d say that it’s a fantastic and rare opportunity, so apply and get involved if you can! This was said to us by the program coordinators at the very beginning: you get as much as you put in, and I can confirm that this is 100% true. If you put in the work (which is enough to keep you busy, but not demanding enough to take away from your summer holiday) you will benefit so much from it.

You get to meet some really fascinating people and build (hopefully) lasting relationships, you work with a great organisation on a project that is very real and will likely have a lasting impact, and at the end of it all, you have something incredible to add to your CV (in my experience, employers have been very intrigued by it).

I actually had a full-time internship alongside the TeamWork programme and I was able to manage both of these responsibilities very efficiently as the great thing about TeamWork is that you can choose when you want to work.