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Aki Fardosh-Aki's TeamWork experience

Aki Fardosh

Aki Fardosh-Aki, UG, Biomedical Science

What did you learn from your TeamWork experience?

I learnt the difference between collaborating with students and those who are at the top of their field. When working with people your age there is a comfort knowing you are all in a similar position wanting a fun experience, but working with someone with much more experience leads to a clear difference in attitude and professionalism. Our team had quite a lenient organisation mentor who wanted us to enjoy the internship more than force ourselves into an unfamiliar field. The more research I did for our project the more interested I was in it, applying my degree to a field which has a global impact.

What was the highlight of your TeamWork journey?

My highlight would have to be our team's weekly catch-ups. I remember waking up at 8am (with a massive flask of coffee), seeing everyone and giving updates on the project. Although 4 weeks sounds long, it flew by quickly and seeing the urgency every week was stressful but also quite funny. I made some amazing friends from this opportunity from Monash Malaysia and Australia who I still contact to this day.

What would you say to other students about the benefits of the TeamWork programme?

This is a unique experience which will open up field which you may not have considered, although the project may be unexpected, I assure you that many organisation mentors can be malleable with their briefs (ours changed drastically with the team skill set). Furthermore, you will be working with a diverse group of individuals who you may have been unable to meet without TeaMWork. However, to reap the benefits of the programme you need to make the most of it: make compromises in your office hours as you will be working with people who have a 7-9 hour difference to you (sometimes those 2am messages are appropriate).