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Lauren Pope's TeamWork experience

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope, UG, French with Spanish.

TeamWork 2021

Now Primary Focus Co-ordinator, Intouniversity

I now work for an education charity called Intouniversity, I joined as part of their graduate scheme. Each centre has a university partner and the one in Coventry is actually paired with Warwick! We run a wide variety of programmes with children/young people aged 7-18 from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The application process was fairly long, it was a mixture of written questions/tasks and a video interview before I had my final interview. Teamwork is actually one of the core values of the organisation that I work for, so my experience during the TeamWork programme really came in handy. I drew specifically from my experience overcoming the challenge of working in an international team in different time zones, and how we learnt to use that to our advantage. Also, I spoke about how the programme gave me the opportunity to use and work on my communication and interpersonal skills, as well as being an exercise in commitment and perseverance."