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Rayner Lim's TeamWork experience

Rayner Lim

Rayner Lim, UG, Management

I would say the TeamWork programme definitely contributed towards achieving a graduate role as it is very teamwork-focused. Besides, since it is a virtual international programme that happened during COVID-19, it gave a headstart of how the future of work is going to be, handling the challenges of meeting disruptions due to digital platforms, working with people of different timezones, and also cultural differences.
I think the programme was a great example to use in terms of teamwork, challenges, and intercultural awareness in interviews as these are things that employers of the 21st century are looking for. Another important thing to note is that the topic my group was assigned to work on (Generation Z) is particularly relevant to employers and was also a great conversation starter during the interview.
Looking back, out of all the Video/Phone Interviews and Assessment Centre/Final Interviews that I did, 77% (Video/Phone Interview) and 83% (Assessment Center/Final Interviews) asked Teamwork-related interview questions, which I believe shows how important this experience is to employers.