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Student insights

To get off to a good start
  • Students are happy to hear in advance about the work they are going to be involved with, the dress code and what they will be doing on their first day to manage any nerves.
  • They appreciate an Induction to help transition from being a student to an employee
  • Enjoy meeting previous interns/recent graduates to hear their experiences.
  • Sharing their strengths to play to these during the experience and what areas they are looking to develop.
During the experience
  • Want to hear what went well, but also constructive feedback on where they can improve.
  • Social is important to help feel part of a team and feel more comfortable
  • Support and having someone to go to is important for confidence and the opportunity to ask questions
  • Are looking for an experience where they can contribute and make an impact rather than just support tasks.
Finishing off
  • Any support with CV entry and reflecting on the experience is gratefully received.
"Both our line managers are extremely helpful, flexible, supportive and find tasks relevant to our job and interests. They made me feel confident and comfortable enough to go up to them regarding any issue which has helped me be more efficient."
"My line manager is really organised and resourceful and I benefited from that a lot"