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Warwick Volunteers

Each year, around 2,600 students join Warwick Volunteers. These students are motivated to become involved in projects which benefit the community and provide opportunities to channel their energy into volunteering projects. Whilst students may originally join Warwick Volunteers with benefits to others in mind, the experience of volunteering also adds hugely to their personal skills and understanding of their career priorities.

Volunteering enables students to develop and gain new skills, such as project management, team working, adaptability and communication, many of which are desirable skills for employment.

How employers can get involved

Sponsoring Warwick Volunteers activities offers you an excellent opportunity to align your organisation with a truly diverse group of students. Sponsorship will also allow you to lend very visible support to students’ commitment to their communities and to making a difference, differentiating your organisation from others.

There are various sponsorship opportunities that could include:

  • Volunteering fair – this is an annual fair that takes place the first week of Autumn term
  • Warwick Volunteers' marketing leaflet
  • Warwick Volunteers' Award

For more information please contact us so that we can provide advice and help you achieve the best approach depending on your needs and budget.

Blue man speech"We recognise how important it is for students to develop their employability. Volunteering is an excellent way of doing this as it provides fantastic skills and experiences to the individual, while they provide a valuable service to the community."
Rob Farace, National Resourcing Manager, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement