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International students

Warwick has a student population of around 23,400, of which nearly 60% are undergraduates. As a result of our global reputation, over a quarter of the student population - approximately 6,400 students - come from outside of the UK and EEA.

Warwick attracts the most able students from over 142 countries - a major proportion of which are from the UK’s largest commercial partners, including China, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and Russia, as well as the USA, EU and Middle East.

With in-depth understanding of different markets, cultures and languages, as well as overseas contacts, international students are ideally suited to supporting a company’s global business needs and can add a significant competitive edge to an organisation.

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"Merlin Entertainments have worked closely with Warwick University to identify suitable graduates for our growing global business. Students from a wide range of backgrounds have been found at Warwick and the international students provide us with an excellent resource to help us with our international growth strategy, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Recruiting international students from Warwick University has enabled us to bring in fresh, new talent who are able to help us understand our customers better in new and emerging markets."
Melanie Colledge, Graduate Recruitment Manager, Merlin Entertainments

Please read through our guide - A UK Employers Guide to Recruiting International Students - for further advice about how to recruit International students updated visa regulation information and the benefits to your business.