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Statement for Graduate Recruiters

The University of Warwick is committed to ensuring that all final year students will graduate on schedule this summer. As in every year, all Warwick students will graduate with quality assured degrees, following rigorous examination procedures.

Warwick students will be following the usual recruitment schedules in order to move into graduate roles, subject to any Government restrictions that may be in force over the coming months.

The University has reviewed how it engages with graduate recruiters to ensure that you can continue to access our students, meeting your own needs and those of our students during this time. The University is confident that we have all relevant platforms in order to do this successfully for all concerned.

We continue to ensure that all students, at any point in their Warwick education, are fully enabled to succeed and appropriately prepared to join recruiters for internships, Spring Weeks and all developmental opportunities in 2020-21 to complement their academic studies.

Throughout this period, the Employer Connect team is continuing to engage with students through social media campaigns and blog posts designed to support students through the graduate recruitment process. In addition, the University will continue to send bi-weekly newsletters to alert students to the latest available information and online resources to assist them.

We look forward to continuing to work with all our employer partners throughout 2021.