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Warwick SkillsForge ToolBox - Researchers

Video and PDF 'How to' guides for Warwick Researchers.

PG Researcher SkillsForge Tool Box

Signing In

Version (09.09.2019)  

Landing page / Searching for Events

Version (09.09.2019) 

DNA (Development Needs Analysis)

Version (09.09.2019)

Reflective Reports

Version (30.10.18)pdf_ic.png

Booking onto Events; Registering on a Waiting List

Version (09.09.2019)  

Booking Summary

Version (09.09.2019)pdf_ic.png

Cancelling Events

File Uploads

Activity Log

Version (09.09.2019) 

Completing Feedback

Version (29.10.18) pdf


Science, Engineering and Medicine (SEM)

Doctoral Skills Modules

Version 15.10.2019


The user guides will be updated via this page based on system developments.
If there are any errors within the user guides, we would be most grateful if you could please let us know via