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Audio Visual Projects

  • Based upon the current procurement and supply chain environment we are unable to guarantee your order will be processed and delivered in time for the end of the financial year: 2020/2021 (July 31st 2021)
  • We are also unable to guarantee that any hardware or technical solution ordered now or in the new financial year will be onsite, configured and installed in time for the start of the new financial year: 2021/2022 (1st August 2021) or indeed by the start of the new Academic year 
  • We note that during conversations with trusted suppliers we are currently seeing them unable to provide any installations support, benchmarking quotes and capacity until the end of October 2021
  • It should also be noted that our suppliers are unable to source any Extron controllers or DSP's possibly until next year due to a world wide shortage. Where possible we will reuse existing parts and spares however once more no guarantees can be provided on delivery or installation lead times
  • We apologise for the inconvenience and distress this will cause to our colleagues and customers
  • Rest assured we will endeavour to deliver all outstanding current and new projects to the best of our ability in a hugely challenging domestic/global supply chain and staff resourcing environment

The Audio Visual Services team work to design and implement Audio Visual technology on campus. That includes everything from the Piazza Big Screen and Digital Signage to the University's video conferencing suites and Teaching and Learning Spaces.

We work with the Estates Office on new buildings and refurbishments to make sure all AV requirements are taken care of in each project and ensure costs are kept to a minimum, without compromising on quality or functionality. We design Audio Visual solutions which complement our centrally supported services, to ensure that staff and students have a consistent experience when using Audio Visual technology across campus.

We represent IT Services on the Teaching and Learning Spaces Development Group who oversee refurbishment projects in the University’s centrally timetabled rooms. We also work directly with departments on locally managed rooms to make sure that AV technology and systems are consistent, easy to use and reliable everywhere on campus.

"Please be aware that the provision of new Audio Visual Technology solutions is a complicated, labour intensive and very specialised activity. Involving significant technical expertise, complicated supply chains and subcontractors, capital expenditure, project management, implementation, quality assurance and financial due diligence/governance across multiple teams and services within the University.

We will work to guide and support you at every stage but we ask you to understand that the earlier we are aware of your requirements the better and that if requests are to be submitted late and have very short project completion lead times, then no guarantee on delivery or project completion deadlines can be provided."

Please note that as of February 2021 we are presently between framework agreements and each request will need to be processed in close partnership with our colleagues from Procurement and Insurance Services.

Please allow sufficient surplus time into your project planning and delivery lead times to factor this in.

In accordance with Financial Regulations FP-15:

  • Anything up to 10K Net - 1 quote
  • Anything up to 35K Net - Backed by an APP - 2 quotes
  • Anything above 35K Net - Mini Competition using the new NEUPC Framework, sent to all listed suppliers or backed by an APP - 3 quotes where no competitive procedure can be conducted instead

If you have any questions or concerns in advance as regards route to market during this period, in the first instance please reach out to: Douglas dot Mills at warwick dot ac dot uk. Procurement Manager, Procurement and Insurance Services

At present we anticipate this situation continuing until early September 2021.

Register an AV project

If you have an AV project you’d like to register, please fill in our form. We’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Register a project

  • Please be aware that AV Services build and design our technical solutions to a standard set of high quality, highly capable and supportable hardware and software solutions that offer value for money and operational longevity - thus we (AV Services) cannot and will not support on a Business As Usual (BAU) basis anything that falls below these standards.

Teaching Spaces

Teaching lecturn

Our lecterns are jam-packed with the latest in teaching tech. Wireless mics, visualisers, lecture capture, PCs and wireless screen casting are all operated via a single touchscreen control. This AV technology provides a wealth of choice and collaborative possibilities.

Meeting Spaces

Meeting Spaces

We can offer advice on the design of meeting spaces. Audio Visual equipment can be integrated, can be portable or fully integrated within the furniture. We can also recommend a range of wireless tools which remove the need for cabling and allow you to present from anywhere in the room.

Social Learning Spaces

Open study area

We work closely with Estates and project Architects to implement technology within social learning spaces . Power and WiFi are often essential requirements for students, which can be incorporated into furniture to create high quality learning environments which become an extension of the classroom.

Collaborative Environments

VC Suites

We've installed a range of Video Conferencing suites. These facilities provide a high quality video and audio link for remote meetings and conferences, ideal for large groups of attendees.