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Backup verification codes

You can use backup verification codes to sign in when you don't have your phone with you. They work only once. Keep them safe and carry them with you – for example, in your wallet. We recommend, wherever possible, that you generate a code with your phone – and use backup codes as a last resort.

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Important: This help article applies to the Single Sign-on service, which is being replaced by Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Note that backup codes are not a feature of Microsoft MFA.

Find your backup codes

  1. Go to
  2. There are ten eight-digit codes, which you can use only once. If a code is struck out, you've used it before and it no longer works:

    Backup codes

  3. We recommend that you print the codes and keep them somewhere close to you, such as your wallet.

Generate new backup codes

When you use the tenth backup code, another ten are generated automatically. You can generate another ten codes at any time – for example, before you run out of codes or if someone else finds out what they are:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Generate new backup codes. All of the previous codes stop working immediately.

Used all backup codes

When you've used all ten codes – and you can't generate new codes because you're unable to sign in – contact the IT Services Help Desk. Email helpdesk at warwick dot ac dot uk or telephone 024 7657 3737.

We'll provide a single-use code to sign in. You should then visit and generate a new set of backup codes, then keep them somewhere safe.