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New device or changed phone number

If you use the text message method to receive verification codes, and you have a new phone but the number is the same, you don't need to do anything. Otherwise, set up your new device to use your preferred method for two-step authentication.

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Important: This help article applies to the Single Sign-on service, which is being replaced by Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Install an authenticator app on your new device

If you use an authenticator app to generate verification codes, you need to install an app on your new device and then register the device with two-step authentication.
  1. Install an authenticator app, such as Microsoft Authenticator, on your new device.

  2. On a trusted computer, go to
  3. Choose Mobile app, then click Continue.
  4. Under Reset, select the checkbox, then click the Reset button.
  5. Open the authenticator app and create a new account using the Scan barcode method.
  6. Scan the barcode shown on the IT Services Account screen:

    Scan the barcode

  7. In the Enter a code box, type the six-digit verification code displayed on your phone.

  8. Click Submit code.

Register a new phone number to receive verification codes by text message

If you use the text message method to receive verification codes and you've changed your phone number, you need to register your new number with your ITS Account.
  1. On a trusted computer, sign in and go to
  2. Click Change your security questions.
  3. In the Mobile phone numbers box, enter your new phone number and click Add.
  4. Remove any phone numbers you no longer use or don't wish to associate with your ITS Account.
  5. Click Done.
  6. For extra security, go to, select Mobile app and enter your new phone number. This deregisters your old phone number from the two-step authentication process.

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