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What duration should I choose?

Important: This help article applies to the Single Sign-on service, which is being replaced by Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

To avoid being prompted to enter a verification code each time you sign in, choose a duration from the Don't ask for a code again on this device drop-down list: until you close your browser; one week; one month; six months; one year.

Two-step authentication duration

Your device is now added to your list of remembered devices.

When choosing a duration, consider the environment you're using your device in and the level of risk should someone else gain access to your account.

For example, if you regularly administer sensitive data – such as students' personal information or clinical trials data – we recommend that you choose Until you close your browser. Also, it's best to choose a short duration when you use shared computers in internet caf├ęs or Warwick work spaces.

If you use a computer that's physically secure – at your own desk in a Warwick office, for example – and you don't routinely access sensitive data, longer durations may be more appropriate.